Royall Digital and Emily Bauer

Royall & Company is a division of the Education Advisory Board. One of Royall's business objectives is to gain recognition as a technology leader in consulting for higher education. In order to achieve this goal, they are producing a series of short videos titled "Royall Digital" featuring Emily Bauer. (Managing Director of Program Marketing at Royall & Company) The aim is to have Provosts and other university administration types trust Emily and look to her as a technology thought leader. The Royall Digital logo was designed by Sarah Ostrander, and I designed and animated the opening titles and closing bumper.

In order to brand Emily as a thought leader, I decided to feature shots of her recording her video segments. Combine those shots with quick cuts and asymmetric compositions, and the overall feel is one of energetic work in progress. The viewer will feel like they are getting a scoop on the latest breakthrough in higher education technology. 

"Holiday" Party?

What should a corporation call their Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / holiday / party? This was the question The Advisory Board Company was asking itself in 2016. They eventually decided to bypass the whole complex issue and chose a theme that was completely unrelated to any tradition. I was brought on to help them imagine what a "Pop After Dark" themed party would be like.

Below are a few options I pitched, and the final version can be found here.